Data Gathering

If your data is sparse in different files and uses different formats, we can build and structure a tailor made system that best suits your needs, conforming to the latest security standards and in compliance with GDPR. If you want to conduct market research and gather data from 3rd party digital sources we can provide this for you and host it on a private cloud.

Data Management

After a period of using IT systems it is most likely that you will encounter data sizing issues and might also want to modernise your management systems. We support numerous database management systems and can assist you in such a migration.

Data Warehousing

We can provide the platform and infrastructure to meet your Big Data needs. Our services include data migration to a warehouse, warehouse development, OLAP cube design, OLAP query development and more. API development forms also part of our skill-set, allowing you to interface with your data using any interface development tool of your choice.


Vast amounts of data can be difficult to analyse without the proper tools. We offer reporting that allows visualisations that can offer summaries, distributions and statistics about your data. Dashboards can also be designed to give you a quick overview of your data with minimal work.

Data Analysis

Certain patterns and trends in data can be difficult to find just by looking at reports. We offer machine learning solutions that can bring to light hidden insights about your data as well as the development of Machine Learning to meet your Artificial Intelligence needs.


We offer training for all your data-related needs, covering areas such as Database Design, Database Programming, Database Administration, Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Analysis and Data Security.