Every day, your business generated substantial amounts of data which accumulates very quickly over periods of time. This data is usually stored in a database especially created for the day-to-day operations of a business. This historical data although valuable is never used, rendering it dormant, and over time, it can also degrade the database performance.

What if you can keep the operational performance as if it was the first day AND get value from the historical unused data? To do so, a specially designed database (data warehouse) must be used.

We can show you how to analyse your existing system and design a data warehouse that can be used for data analysis. We can also show you how to load your historical data into the new data warehouse and interact with it. Using this approach, you can extract valuable knowledge such as when to stock certain products, most loyal customers, personalised discounts and much more!

While we will typically work with you to tailor the training to your needs, some key topics may include:

  • Basic database concepts – Understanding the basic terminology. Installing a DBMS and setting up a database.
  • Relational database – Limitations related to a relational database when dealing with data analysis.
  • Data Warehouse design – Understanding the benefits of using a star, snowflake and starflake schema for data analysis.
  • Conversion – Process of converting a relational database into an appropriate data warehouse schema.
  • Data loading – Process of initial load of data from a relational database to a data warehouse cube structure.
  • Incremental data loading – Process of loading only updated data from a relational database to a data warehouse cube structure.