Full Testimonial by Dr. Claudia Schembri-Heitmann

I have just finished successfully my PhD studies in Integrative Medicine with full points in my thesis / dissertation. The practical research for my dissertation was done in Malta and it involved quite some complex before – intermediate – after results of the effects of the treatment protocol on the individual group members in a workplace group matrix field.
When all the work was finished, it became very clear that only a top professional statistician could solve this challenge of presenting the data in a professional visual way for me.
Very luckily, while discussing my problem with some associates, someone recommended “ensquad Ltd”. As soon as I contacted the firm, I was immediately given the impression of top professionality with their response and after our first introductory meeting I was already decided that I could not be in better hands. They suggested and designed a very practical way for calculating and analysing my complicated data on different levels, both for the individuals, the specific group of participants and also in an inter-group comparison. “ensquad Ltd” put together the whole analysis and results as a written report which included data tables and charts in a visual, simple, yet very strong manner. This definitely made all the difference in the evaluation and presentation of the dissertation. “ensquad Ltd” was also very supportive to answer my questions relating to the data and statistical analysis in a language that I was able to understand.
I would definitely and strongly recommend the “ensquad Ltd” team and their services to anyone seeking professional support with their data and statistics.

Dr. Claudia Schembri-Heitmann, Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine (IQUIM, Hawaii), HP, Germany / Malta