An anonymised dataset from a Czech bank, known as the Berka Dataset was downloaded from here. This dataset was prepared by Petr Berka and Marta Sochorova. The data about clients and their accounts include:

  • Account details
  • Client details
  • Disposition details; which client has the right to operate an account
  • Standing Order details
  • Transactions details
  • Loan details; each loan is linked to an account
  • Credit Card details; each credit card is linked to an account
  • Demographic details; characteristics and statistics for a district

Each of the above is stored in a separate CSV file, which was loaded to PowerBI. Data cleaning was performed on various relations, mainly translating Czech to English, and date conversion. The relationships between each table were then identified. More information about this dataset can be found on and here.

A report with a number of pages highlighting some aspects from each relation was then created.

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